About Us.


Everyone deserves good design

We started Kitch with a clear vision: to perfectly balance style and budget.

In the world of tailor-made design, a huge cost is in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the cabinet components, as well as the delivery and the install. Hence the idea of using a widely available cabinet system like IKEA® and pairing it with our premium finishes.

We all want that unique, custom look. Go ahead and customize yours. When you choose Kitch cabinet doors, and components, your project can be about 50-75% less than the custom equivalent.

Canadian Crafted.png

Canadian Crafted

Based in Alberta, we have tested the products we offer for over 10 years. Most of our Kitch cabinet components are manufactured right here in Canada.

Laser Precision.png

Laser Precision

Our gloss and matte finishes are produced using the latest in zero joint technology, and the edges are finished with seamless, zero-joint matching banding, leaving the edges crisp and free of any glue.

Handcrafted Quality.png

Handcrafted Quality

We've been meticulously designing and producing our kitchens for over 10 years, and Kitch continues that tradition, offering only the best in world class materials and finishes.

Thicker Door.png

Thicker Doors

All components and doors come in 3/4" thick material, which gives us better dimensional stability than the current IKEA® offerings. We can also offer 1-1/2" thick components, in some finishes, for a real tailor-made look.


See it for yourself, sample size.

Our samples are fully finished and cut 5”x 5” to ensure you have a feel for both the quality and the finish before you place your order.