About us.


Everyone deserves good design

We started Kitch with a clear vision: to perfectly balance style and budget. Using a widely available cabinet system as a base helps reduce costs significantly, so we can help you get a high-end look without high-end prices. 


Design-conscious can be budget-conscious

Our parent company was formed on the basis of creating high quality, tailor-made cabinetry and millwork for a discerning clientele. Over the decade of that business, we realized we're missing out on offering that product, to the DIY and budget conscious client. We have found that in the world of tailor-made design, a huge cost is in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the cabinet components, as well as the delivery and install.  Hence, the idea of using an already existing cabinet system, and pairing it with our finishes will help bring the cost down, by about 50%! With your vision and effort, and our offerings, we will make a masterpiece! Although we are in no way associated with IKEA®, we feel that they are our partner in making your project come to life.