IKEA® kitchen renovation: the Duchess on the Drive.


As an interior designer, I’m always looking for creative solutions that are beautiful and functional. I want to provide my clients with options that I feel confident in, knowing they will sincerely love the end product. And on the other side, I want to spend their dollars wisely, especially when budgets need to stretch! It’s always a fine balance and that’s why working with companies like Kitch are so valuable. 

For years, I had been working with IKEA kitchens and felt confident in their functionality and affordability. It was a good option for clients who needed a refresh without wanting to break the bank. Plus, I think we can all agree that their storage ideas and inside components are fantastic!

The only issue I was constantly running into was the lack in design options. So when I found Kitch, a company that specialized in making cabinet doors and components to fit IKEA boxes, I knew this was going to be the perfect system for my clients, like the amazing couple behind the project I dubbed The Duchess on the Drive.

The original kitchen felt dark and dated considering how bright and spacious the home is. I was fortunate to have a great space to work with but wanted to update the style and make a few functional changes as well. To keep the project on budget, it was natural to use IKEA for the kitchen cabinetry but keep the look fresh and modern using Kitch doors and panels. 

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This dark and dated kitchen needed help

To stay on budget all while staying fresh and Modern, IKEA + Kitch was the answer.

Step one was to redesign the layout in IKEA’s kitchen planner, which a Kitch designer can then utilize to create your order. I like the flexibility in that I can do the majority of the design and then have them to consult with. They’ll help me plan the kitchen space, adding in the appropriate amount of toe kick, filler strips and trim — all the details that can often be overlooked. After client approval and fulfilling the order, it’s typical to see all the panels and pieces arriving in six weeks to be installed. 

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For the Duchess on the Drive, we chose a beautiful combination of Rift White Oak and Fenix Verde Comodoro. Fenix NTM® is a new, smart nanotech product that is highly resistant to scratches, is incredibly easy to clean and has the perfect matte finish. The green hue has depth and makes such a beautiful statement that I opted for minimal hardware, keeping the style sleek and simple. The small addition of the wood veneer adds in some warmth and character, especially in the floating shelves. Kitch conveniently makes floating shelves in certain finishes, so that I can include them in my design and have the finish kept cohesive.

Working with Kitch has provided me with a lot more opportunity to create beautiful spaces for my clients, at the fraction of the cost of custom work. The people at Kitch are friendly, incredibly approachable and always available to help. Plus, I love supporting Canadian companies!

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Kristina is an Edmonton based interior designer, blogger and house flipper. She launched her own design and lifestyle blog Kristinalynne.ca, mainly as a way to document her multiple house flips and the unique challenges of designing and renovating her own home.  As her audience grew and after receiving a diploma in Residential Interiors, she decided it was time to turn her passion into a career, launching Kresswell Interiors with her design partner Diana. Kresswell Interiors has now been providing both online and in person design services for residential and commercial projects. Clients are drawn to her aesthetic which has Scandinavian roots with a modern edge. She loves using a mix of old and new, adding pattern and texture to create unique spaces that tell a story. 

Her work has been featured in Avenue Magazine, Domino, Apartment Therapy, The Everygirl, PopSugar, My Domaine, Chatelaine and more.

Kristin Knudson