IKEA® Cabinet Systems + Kitch Doors

A system built for everyone, with a face built just for you.

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It starts with a solid base.


Why Ikea cabinets?

Simple: they have a great system for kitchens, baths, wardrobes and media units. What's missing? Choice. That's where we come in, crafting each order in just 3-5 weeks.


Get Kitch doors for any type of system:




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IKEA® knows kitchens. The Sektion system has almost limitless combinations — whatever you can imagine, it can accommodate. And a wide selection of accessories means you can take any design even further. 



There are seemingly endless combinations to the Pax system, where your clothes and accessories live in perfectly organized harmony. Why not give the system a face that matches the rest of your cabinets, with precision-built Kitch doors?



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There's no reason your living room cabinets can't match your kitchen — the Besta system lets you personalize your storage and give everything a home. Your entertainment system, DVD library, books, and more can all coexist happily in one sturdy, stylish place.



Hide away your lotions, hairbrushes and bathroom clutter in the room drawers and cabinets of this system, then give them the same elegant look as the rest of your house with custom-built Kitch doors.


Kitch Cabinet Door Styles.


We all want that unique, custom look. Go ahead and customize yours. 

Both slab and shaker style doors are popular options. What’s even better is that you can combine the two and create a unique, transitional design. Whatever your preference, Kitch has a style and a finish that’s right for you.

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Slab Doors

Complements both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, enhancing other elements in the room.

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Shaker Doors

Timeless style and ability to complement traditional, and transitional designs.