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Our series of Matte finishes will have your home looking both modern and functional. With a wide range of colours, the Matte finish can add the exciting look you want all while keeping the appearance of scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints virtually unnoticeable.



Fenix NTM®

Fenix NTM® is new, smart nanotech material. It is neither a HPL nor a film or finish. NTM stands for: Nano Tech Matte. The six main properties are: 1) Low light reflectivity and extremely matte surface; 2) Anti-fingerprint; 3) Thermal healing of micro-scratches; 4) Soft to the touch; 5) Resistance to scratches and abrasions; 6) Enhanced anti-bacterial properties.

Fenix NTM® is an innovative interior design product, created by Arpa Industriale, combining an elegant aesthetic with state-of-the-art technological performance. It is produced using next-generation resin developed thanks to the research conducted by ArpaLab. With the help of nanotechnologies, this new material has innovative properties, opening up new avenues in the field of interior design.

Thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, Fenix NTM thermally heals any micro-scratches, as its name indicates. In addition, Fenix NTM is:

  • Highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, rubbing and dry heat  

  • Withstands impacts, acid-based solvents and household reagents   

  • Significantly reduces the bacterial load making its surface hygienic and easy to clean  

  • Liquid repellent and mould-proof



3DL Matte

3D Laminates are a low-maintenance alternative to traditionally painted wood doors. They feature a durable core without joints or seams that could expand and contract with environmental changes. 3D Laminates clean easily with soap and water.

The 3D Laminate vs. painted wood doors:
• Arrives finished and ready for installation.
• Will not expand and contract with seasonal humidity.
• Low-maintenance and easy to clean.



Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense is much more than conventional melamine-faced MDF. Developed in completely new finishing process, it represents a new category of product, connecting the high quality look and feel of modern surfaces. A special coating method with UV technology clearly enhances the surface.



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