Our pricing structure.


We don’t think choice and style should be a budgetary obstacle. 

IKEA® provides a solid base for design, and it’s affordable. Really affordable. 

When you pair IKEA® cabinet systems with Kitch cabinet doors, your project can cost about 50-75% less than the custom equivalent. Both slab and shaker style doors are popular options. What’s even better is that you can combine the two and create a unique, transitional design. 


Slab Doors

19012 KCH SLAB Umbrella Pricing Graph v2.12.png

Shaker Doors

19012 KCH SHAKER Umbrella Pricing Graph v2.1.png


Example Kitchen Pricing.


Wall 1

Example Pricing Wall 1.png

Wall 2

Example Pricing Wall 2.png

Slab Doors Example

Slab Pricing Chart.png

Shaker Doors Example

Shaker Pricing Chart.png
REV Render Option1_07032019_render1.jpg