For a timeless feel, add a Recon or Real Wood Veneer finish. We carry a wide range of veneer options for your budget. Our materials are durable, environmentally friendly, and fabricated for the modern home.



Recon Wood Veneer

Known as “reconstituted” or “engineered” veneer allows countless opportunities to style with the look of domestic, exotic and nature's most desired and rare species. To fit all design and budget considerations, Recon Veneer is a practical alternative in achieving the look of expensive and rare woods while also an environmentally responsible alternative to using rare and exotic wood species. Where veneer colour and consistency is critical, Recon Veneer is a great option.



Domestic Wood Veneer

By slicing lumber into veneer, the movement of wood is kept under control by the adhesive and substrate, making it a stable material for cabinetry doors and parts. This veneer process allows nature to meet design in a practical and authentic way, without compromising natural beauty of wood. 



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